Allotment: My top 5 allotment buys so far

Believe me when I say you can spend an absolute fortune on all manner of allotment gear and the temptation to do that is huge – especially as a beginner. I remember the first time hearing an allotment neighbour casually mentioning spending close to £1000 on a “fruit cage from Harrods“! Although I now know by “Harrods” they meant Harrod Horticultural, the Suffolk based, sports manufacturer turned gardening heritage brand, rather than the London shopping haven favoured by the rich and famous, I was still shocked.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to justify a spend like that but I’d be lying if I say I haven’t indulged in the odd allotment treat – some more essential than others. So here are my top five allotment buys so far.

1. Trug

Forget designer handbags, my new favourite arm adornment has to be this Burgon and Ball trug (on the right). Handmade from sustainably sourced poplar wood and held together with solid brass studs, its gorgeous and rustic and I feel reeeeeeeal fancy strutting home with my veg.

2. Dibber

Technically I didn’t buy this one, it was a gift from the MIL, but I couldn’t have chosen a better one if I tried. In fact, I didn’t even realise how much I needed this until I received it. Ever read the back of a seed packet and thought “how deep is 10cm?”… same…. well a dibber is what you need.

3. Incinerator Bin

It didn’t take long for the incinerator bin to go from shiny new to weathered chic but she’s quite pretty in her own way. Aside from the practicality of being able to safely burn what can’t be composted, who doesn’t love the smell of a bonfire on an autumn afternoon?

4. Shed

There’s no getting around it, sheds are expensive. Maybe the fact that the plot didn’t have one already was a reason we managed to nab it in the first place. But, the truth is, we needed a shed, or at the very least somewhere dry and secure to keep tools and wheelbarrows belonging to toddlers. Like any big ticket item you can quickly find yourself down a rabbit hole of research, with endless options; wood, plastic, apex, window, no window, tongue and groove, big, little….

In the end I managed to snap up a bargain on eBay. Although a certain someone might challenge that with the cost of the van hire to pick it up, plus their labour to flatten the ground and reconstruct at the other end, it might not be that much of a saving but I still think it was a steal and its always good to give something a second life whenever you can.

I’ve got big dreams for the She Shed decor *browses theposhshedcompany* but for now she’s perfect.

5. Seed Tin

Something else that I didn’t buy myself, this time a gift from my mum, aaaaaaaaah. A very cute tin designed by Emma Brigewater, part of the Setting Up Home Potting Shed collection which also includes an equally cute twine tidy (something else I didn’t know existed until I got one). At the moment I’m using the tin to store my seeds but something tells me I might need to size up fairly soon….

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